I am a Research Fellow at the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine, University of Glasgow, where I do research on the dynamics of infectious diseases.

My research focuses on understanding biological systems that are both complex, and at least partially hidden from direct observation. I focus on endemic and emerging infectious diseases of significance to human and animal health, and my ultimate research aim is to identify the best disease management strategies for these systems.

I am particularly intrigued by how to prevent, control and eliminate multi-host pathogens. As a quantitative ecologist I am interested in developing Bayesian statistical methodologies supporting the integration of multiple sources of information (e.g. serology, incidence, genetic surveillance, intervention, and movement), into mechanistic models that can accurately reconstruct disease dynamics of complex epidemiological systems, and determine how interventions change those dynamics. Luckily, surveillance programs, public health systems and long-term research projects are collecting unprecedented amounts of epidemiological, genomic and ecological data, which will probably keep me busy for a long time.